7 Reasons You Should Get A Dog

Owning a dog could make you more irresistible to future love matches. According to a Dog's Trust report, out of 700 people polled, 60 percent said that owning a dog would make others more appealing, while 85 percent said that people are more approachable when they are around a dog.

Dogs make you feel more optimistic.

Only spending 15-30 minutes with your dog will make you feel more comfortable and happy, reduce tension and increase your satisfaction. Playing with your dog raises the amount of dopamine and serotonin in your brain, all of which are neurotransmitters correlated with satisfaction and tranquility. So next time you feel sad, find a toy and enjoy some time with your dog! That wagging tail is sure to put a smile on your face.

Dogs work best as therapy dogs.

Dog owners have a much better risk of recovery from being ill than non-dog owners. In reality, people with puppies who have heart problems are twice as likely to recover completely as those without them! So start cuddling with your dog!

Dogs help increase your physical well-being and promote balanced exercise.

Of course, of course! Your dog needs exercise every day, and so do you! Dog owners must play with and work with their pets, so it just makes sense that dogs want to be more involved.

Dogs improve social experiences.

Not only do dogs need care and playtime with their owners, but they also need time to socialize with other pups! It ensures that their humans would get an opportunity to socialize when watching the play-dates of the puppy. Even walking around the neighborhood will bring many new friends around and start a lot of conversations!

Dogs make you more excellent!

Responsibility, empathy, selflessness, and dedication to loving a dog make them stronger, all-around more excellent people.

Dogs work to protect their little friends.

And children will learn a lot from their fur mates! Remembering to eat, provide water, and clean up after a dog will give children a sense of importance and happiness.

Dogs educate children about socialization, too. For most of us, dogs are emotional creatures who love and require care and affection. By learning how to communicate with a puppy, children can learn how to socialize with unfamiliar faces and other children appropriately.

Dogs give the best kisses.

Cold and wet. But it's always so cute! Your dog licking your face is a gesture of love and respect—communicating that Fido recognizes you as the superior pack master.

Pups use licking when they're curious about how you feel. Dogs have unique receptors in their nose and mouth to process and recognize scented compounds present in human sweat. Your dog will be able to tell whether you are comfortable or stressed by licking your paws. And even a person tastes sweet.

The licking act often activates pleasurable endorphins in dogs and gives them a sense of warmth and safety. Your dog can lick your face just because it feels good (and we like it too)!

The sort of dog you've been telling people a lot about your personality. Research in England showed a solid connection between the characteristics of the inhabitants and the kind of dogs. 

For, e.g., people who owned toy dogs appeared to be more innovative, whereas owners of utility dogs like Dalmatians and Bulldogs were the most conscientious. But be careful: Dogs often take on the personality characteristics of their parents, so if you go off the handle all the time, your puppy can end up with violent tendencies.

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