Cats 101: How To Bond With Your Cats

They say dogs are the best friend of man's, but if you're more of a cat lover, you may be thinking about how to make the same connection with your pretty kitty. While cats seem to be more isolated animals, there are many ways to hang out with your pet feline. These five techniques will make you and your fur baby bond in no time.

Playful, caring, and independent, you know that cats make excellent companions, but bonding with your cat doesn't happen immediately. It takes time, commitment, and energy on your part, but it's worth it. Cats have learned to adjust well to our new lifestyle, to accommodate our cramped apartments and the time spent alone because of our work schedules. Because of their easy-going temperament, many people believe they do not need as much care as dogs do.

Yet, contrary to this idea, a cat likes to play as much as a dog does. It's essential for your cat's physical and mental balance. For many pet owners, merely looking at cat pictures or seeing a cat video will provide a good attitude lift and less tension. So it's no wonder that keeping a feline around you can be just as satisfying and helpful as any other animal relationship. Cats are healthy for us. Studies suggest that cats can help reduce allergies in infants, increase morale and even raise self-esteem.

Opt for immersive toys.

Get a toy that all of you will enjoy. Toys that encourage both of you to be involved are a perfect way to spend more time with your kitty. Pull out a fearsome hunter in your feline with a wand toy that lets you tease and tug, or a laser pointer that lets you dash around the room to scare your kitty into corners or hide spaces. For some more back-and-forth playing, consider a toy that you can exchange between you and your fur baby. You can also take a twist on a classic arcade game with a "whack-a-mouse" gadget that leaves your kitty guessing.

Get your pet high.

On the catnip, that's it. Cats enjoy catnip because it attracts them and makes them playful. Get a refillable toy to chuck around or buy it loose to scatter across the floor or in the famous places. Let them roll around in the leaves as you pet, snuggle, or stimulate them with their favorite toy.

Catnip is a perfect way to teach your pet to be drawn to such places. Spread it over the bed or the cat furniture to make them come out again and again. It is beneficial to teach your cat to remain in some parts of the home.

Spend time while you do your own thing.

It may sound counter-productive, but it is fundamental to find opportunities to spend time together without engaging in the same practices. Do you love to read? Set up a nightstand hideaway where you can snack or take a nap while you devour your favorite book. Get a yard-friendly cat tower where you can play and hide when you're jogging around a game of soccer or gardening. An immersive cat table helps them hone their hunting skills when going through papers or browsing through your favorite social media. Anything that encourages your pet to play with you when you're working or resting will enable them to get in touch with you.

Much like you don't often have to do the same thing as your human companion, your feline buddy will interact with you just by sitting in the same room. A good equilibrium is a secret to every friendship, including the one you share with your pets. If you don't smother them, they're more likely to want love when you're about to give it to them.

Schedule a date for pet play.

Have you got a human companion that likes felines, too? Set up a date with your fuzzy buddies as you catch up with your bud. Pet playdates are a perfect way to get the cat out of the house and give them a chance to discover fresh and new locations. Set up a playdate at your home one week and a friend's house the next, or go to some stomping grounds like a cat-friendly public park.
Before taking your cat anywhere, make sure that they're up to date on all their vaccines and verify that everywhere you meet, they're not vulnerable to insect infestations such as fleas, ticks, or worms. If you suspect there could be a bug risk, take the appropriate steps first by spraying your kitty with a pet-friendly insect repellent, or choose a better place altogether.

Note, though, that this is not a choice for any of us. Some cats are very defensive of their room, and they don't get along with other animals. Be mindful of your pet's thoughts about other pets or humans when you begin to socialize them. Feistier felines may be best off enjoying a relaxing day at home socializing solo with a stuffed pet instead.

Take a trip together.

Instead of leaving the fur baby at home the next time you go on holiday, take it with you. Several pet-friendly hotels will encourage your furry buddy to travel—taking the chance to try new experiences together, rather than waste a week in various parts of the world. Invest in a fantastic backpack-style travel carrier that will keep you safe, whether you're walking around the countryside of your back seat or tucked up in the belly of a plane, and encourage you to take them along no matter where your trip takes you. Do make sure that your cat is tagged explicitly in the event of a mix-up or escape, and keep many treats and favorite toys on hand to console your kitty and remind them of home.

Pets can get anxiety over separation much as people can, but leaving your pet in a chick or at home with a sitter can make them nervous, even sick if you're gone for a very long time. Bringing your pet along may make them scared, too, but they're going to feel a lot more relaxed that mommy or daddy is right there with them.

When there is absolutely no way you can bring them along, find ways to play with them remotely. Schedule a weekly video call with your sitter or record your face and voice that your cats can playback anytime you or they feel sad or nervous. Spend as much time with your cats as possible when you get home to give them a lot of affection and prove that you care.

Spending time with pets is always a bright spot on any pet parent's day. But with demanding work and family lives, frequent disruptions, and social commitments, quality time with pets can often be challenging to locate.

However, pet owners unexpectedly have more time to spend with their precious dogs in a local or nationwide quarantine.

Stereotypically, cats seem more distant and autonomous than dogs. So, maybe you don't think you need to work on building your friendship with your cat. However, spending more time with your pet will lead to a more robust life relationship if you do a few easy things, including playing with them and observing their needs.

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