Everything You Need To Know About The Castor and Pollux Dog Food Brand

One all-natural range of organic dog food brands is Castor and Pollux dog food. 

You would assume that if you won't realize anything about this company, it was called after the creator's pets, but the terms Castor and Pollux probably come from Greek myth. 

In some Greek myths, twin brothers Castor and Pollux originated, but don't worry. There's nothing mythological about dog food brands. It's all wholesome and healthy, pure, and easy pet food.


What is Castor and Pollux?

castor and pollux dog food


Shelley Gunton and Brian Connolly, great owners of a lab/pointer mix called Joey, started the business. A handmade dog food recipe has flourished into one of the market's leading natural and organic pet food labels. 

Their pet foods are intended from the inside out to nurture dogs' bodies, giving them all the necessary nutrients they need and everything they don't.

With the introduction of the world's first branded, the company produced a premium-quality range of specialty pet food items, the Castor and Pollux Natural PetWorks business in 1999. The same company launched the Castor and Pollux dog food and treats in 2003, and the Raw Ultramix range of business debuted three years later (now discontinued). 

While they started as a family-owned corporation, in 2012, the company was purchased by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. in an attempt to expand the brand around the nation. Merrick is the only U.S. pet food supplier approved for dry and canned organic pet food products. 


What other dog food brands did Castor and Pollux found?

 castor and pollux dog food


In 2015, Nestle Purina PetCare, presently the world's second-largest pet food manufacturer and the largest in the US, purchased the Merrick Pet Care firm. 

Since businesses that set guidelines should always be ahead of the game, in 2017, Castor and Pollux elevated Organix from being merely an organic line into a USDA-certified organic collection. 

The same year, they also launched Pristine, a line devoted to sustainably harvested food.

Castor and Pollux take pet health very highly, so they only use their pet food items with the best fresh natural and organic ingredients. This company is the self-described "leader in organic and natural pet food" and one of the few certified organic brands sold by pet food companies.

This business makes some pretty high statements about their products' quality and health, but these statements tend to be based on fact. 

They are not only committed to using the finest ingredients in each of their goods. Still, They are also very determined to take quality assurance and safety steps to manufacture such products.

In 2018, one of the goods contained high levels of a naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormone. It led to the company voluntarily recalled two products within the Good Buddy range. High hormone levels can cause increased urination, heart rate, thirst; weight loss; and sleeplessness. 

Only those with the best dates from May 19, 2017, and September 1, 2019, have been impacted. No other recalls have been released since then.

They now sell a wide variety of products for dogs and cats, while Castor and Pollux had a modest start. Organix, Natural Ultramix, and Good Buddy will split their pet foods into different product lines. 

The Organix line of products was introduced in 2003 and featured classic and grain-free meals with organic-certified ingredients. In 2004, the brand Natural Ultramix decided to join the portfolio and features high-quality, natural ingredients such as real meat and carbohydrates without grain.

Nutritious and flavorful dog treats consist of the Good Buddy line of items. While and product range is distinct, ingredients that are full and healthy are all made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. You could not have asked for more. 

They have a wide range of dry goods that are split into two main product lines. Both classic and grain-free dishes developed with approved organic ingredients and a small range of kibbles enriched with freeze-dried raw bites are included in the Organix line of dry foods.

Castor and Pollux now sell a committed line of dog snacks called Good Buddy, in addition to a range of dry food and wet food items. 

These snacks come in dental chews, jerky strips, cuts of bacon, and various bones and treat from rawhide. Here is a list of recipes for the Good Buddy dog treat.


For dogs and cats, Castor and Pollux provide food. Castor and Pollux, in the type of Organix and Pristine, provide nutritious food. Organix is the only organically certified USDA commodity for dogs and cats that is full of healthy food. Castor and Pollux are dedicated to supplying organic pet food for America #1 and are connected with sourced ingredients and every balanced recipe aspect. For the most comprehensive portfolio of purposeful pet food, they set the benchmark.

With 95 percent organic content, Organix Cat Treats are crafted. The majority of the foods we people eat can't make that argument! More people happen to think that feeding as natural a diet as possible is essential. 

Cats are small animals, and most do not eat huge quantities of food, so highly nutritious should be what they ingest. Such treats top my personal list of nutritious foods for kitties.

Chicken, barley, peas, brown rice, oats, flaxseed are all the highest-level components in the chicken food that you would be confident to feed your cat in snack form. A natural cheese flavor is contained in the cheese formula, and a natural seafood flavor is included in the seafood formula. All three formulas include herring meal, a favorite of felines.

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