sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter

Formulated specifically for multi-cat homes, this sWheat Scoop formula offers two-times more powerful odor elimination and clumping than the original recipe.

Thanks to the brand’s innovative Noble Ion Technology, the all-natural wheat materials are infused with a liquid containing billions of positive ions that neutralize the negative ions found in litter box odor. Odor is eliminated quickly and naturally without the use of artificial fragrances that do little more than mask the smell.

As a multi-cat formula, this cat litter is designed to clump quickly and firmly to lock away urine odor on contact. The natural wheat ingredients neutralize odors for long-lasting protection, even in multiple cat homes.

What several customer reviews have noted, however, is that the subtle natural scent of the wheat materials creates an unpleasant combination when exposed to urine. With frequent scooping, it shouldn’t be a problem, but some cat owners may find it more noticeable than others.

In testing this cat litter, we found that it stood up to its promise of being very low dust and it had no noticeable scent other than a slight natural smell. The litter absorbed liquid quickly and formed clumps, though we found some litter stuck to the bottom of the pan when we emptied it.

We also found that the clumps didn’t become quite as hard as clay litter, and some fell apart during scooping. Overall, however, it performed well for a natural cat litter.


  • Highly absorbent, soaks up liquid quickly to reduce odor
  • Forms solid clumps that can be scooped and flushed
  • Completely natural, free from artificial fragrance and dyes



  • Doesn’t clump as hard as some litters, clumps may break apart

  • May have an unpleasant smell when urine combines with wheat materials

  • This litter comes in a 12-pound, 25-pound, and 36-pound bag. This particular formula is made from natural wheat materials instead of clay, so it is more lightweight than the average litter.



Naturally Processed Wheat Grains And Good Vibes



sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter is purr-fect for homes with more than one feline friend with a litter box that is frequently in use! This natural, ultra-absorbent litter is crafted from biodegradable and renewable wheat—the wheat starches trap odors on contact, while the natural enzymes help neutralize urine and ammonia odors. And unlike other clay litters, sWheat Scoop is 100% free from added dyes, perfumes, dust or harmful ingredients!


Key Benefits

  • Unscented litter helps control ammonia and urine odors.

  • Made without dyes, perfumes or harmful ingredients commonly found in clay litter.

  • Delivers 2x stronger odor elimination and clumping compared to sWheat Scoop fast-clumping litter.

  • Purr-fect for multi-cat households.

  • Eco-friendly, flushable and biodegradable.



Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter, as cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondii—a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as children and anyone with a weakened immune system, should avoid handling used cat litter. Always handle litter in a ventilated area to avoid inhalation. Keep contents and packaging out of reach of children and pets. Seek medical help in case of accidental ingestion.



sWheat Scoop All-Natural Cat Litter is dedicated to creating a litter that is safe for the pet, their owner and the environment. While traditional cat litters are made through strip mining, a process that removes trees and shrubbery from the environment, sWheat Scoop employs environmentally friendly processes through safe farming methods. Every ingredient is 100% biodegradable and harmless to both the pet and their owner.

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