Suction Cup Dog Toy and Teeth Cleaner

Suction Cup Dog Toy and Teeth Cleaner

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Suction Cup Dog Toy and Teeth Cleaner

Playtime - Chewing - Food Dispensing - Teeth Cleaning 

This product is one of the greatest toys to come onto the market! It meets 3 important needs! 

1. PLAYTIME! The suction cup attaches to any hard surface. With such a strong suction, it creates hours of tug-a-war fun for your pet!

2. CHEWING! The food grade, TPR rubber material allows your pet to chew safely without harm.

2. TEETH CLEANER! This great toy also acts as a natural teeth cleaner! The rubber nodules rub against the teeth as the animal pulls and chews, removing unwanted plaque build up. 

3. TREAT/FOOD DISPENSER! The sphere of the toy has small openings that hold treats or kibble.  The treats slowly drop from the toy as the dog bites and chews it. This also acts as a great tool for animals who have a tendency to eat too fast or gorge themselves when they eat their meals. Dropping small amounts of kibble at a time, allows the animal to receive the kibble slowly and safely.


1. Push suction onto a smooth service like a tile or marble floor, refrigerator, glass door, etc. 

2. Fill sphere with treats or kibble (optional).

3. Watch your pet have a blast!


* Durable rubber material - This toy is made of food-grade TPR rubber materials, environmental friendly, safe and harmless to your beloved pets. 

Powerful suction cup - The powerful suction and durable ropes allow for long periods of playtime in a designated space. 

* Money Back Guarantee - If you or your fur baby are unhappy, just contact us to resolve the issue. 


Length of entire toy - 46cm/1in

Length of rope - 400mm/15.75in

Round Sphere - 80mm/3.14in

Oval Sphere - 57mmx115mm/2.24inx4.52in

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